To follow are the measures we have introduced to minimise the risk of infection and to ensure that your stay or conference will be safe. This information was last updated on 23 Nov 2020.

The coronavirus, COVID-19, changed our routines and rules concerning hygiene and infection spread. Hotel Bügelhof wants to inform you and our other guests that the safety of you and our staff always has highest priority. We are open as usual at the moment. Given the situation, we want to inform you of the extra precautions we have taken at our hotel to minimise the risk of infection. As always, we will ensure clean, safe facilities and follow the recommendations and instructions given by the Swedish Health Authority and VISITA. We want a stay with us to feel safe, which is why we ask you to read through this information before your arrival.

Measures implemented at Hotel Bügelhof to minimise the risk of infection:

All hotel staff have been instructed in the best way to handle the current situation and to avoid infection, all in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.

All staff members are encouraged to wash and disinfect their hands as often as possible, and to stay at home if they have any symptoms of illness.

When it comes to serving food and drinks, we follow the current recommendations given by the health authorities and VISITA.

Kitchen personnel follow the prescribed routines for hygiene, precisely as usual.

Our cleaning team is well-informed, and is focusing even more on cleaning surfaces and objects that are often touched, such as door handles and lift buttons.

We have increased the use of antibacterial sprays and hand disinfectant.

Only a limited number of people can be in the Relax area and gym at any time.

We have adjusted the number and position of tables in the restaurant according to the instructions of the health authorities.

We carefully follow the recommendations of the health authorities, and update our routines accordingly to help reduce the spread of infection.

When you should not visit us!

  • If you have been in a high-risk area abroad, please do not visit us until you have been in Sweden for at least two weeks. An updated list of high-risk areas can be obtained from the Public Health Authority of Sweden.
  • If you have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, Covid-19.
  • If you are ill with any other common form of sickness, cough, fever or cold. If you have any of these symptoms, we recommend that you visit us some other time.


You can cancel a stay up to 7 days before arrival if there are travel restrictions imposed where you live.

And finally – look after yourself and your family. We wait with
open doors and hearts for when you can visit us again.

Our warmest regards from all at Hotel Bügelhof