Coffee Karlsson 5cl 145

Coffee, 3cl Cointreau, 2cl Bailey’s

Irish Coffee 145

Coffee, brown sugar, 5cl Irish whiskey

Coffee Bailey’s 145

Coffee, 5cl Bailey’s

Espresso martini 145
cold espresso, 3cl vodka, 3cl coffee liqueur


Jameson Irish Whiskey
tasty and fruity with a certain sweetness. Long composed aftertaste with delicate mature aroma.
SEK 18/cl

Jameson Black Barrel
Extremely rich and luxurious taste experience, combining spicy and exotic fruits. Matured in roasted oak barrels for rich, luxurious taste.
SEK 22/cl

Jura 10 Years
Distilled on the Isle of Jura in Scotland. Nuanced, smoky taste with clear cask character, a hint of red apples, nuts, iodine, honey, apricot and vanilla.
SEK 32/cl

Jura 12 Years
Distilled on the Isle of Jura in Scotland.
Complex, rich-tasting, whisky with cask character, a hint of dried fruit, nuts, liquorice, oranges, iodine and vanilla.
SEK 68/cl

Jura Seven Wood
Distilled on the Isle of Jura in Scotland.
Distinctive aroma of summer meadows, chocolate, raisins and oats, and a rich taste of coffee, chocolate, crunchy apples, oranges with cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper.
SEK 58/cl

The Dalmore King Alexander III
Distilled in the Northern Highlands of Scotland
Red berries and fruits mixed with newly-picked plums. Tones of passion fruit permeate the nose. Taste: complex. Fresh vanilla pods, crème caramel, lemon and orange peel mixed with crushed almonds. Aftertaste has a certain sweetness, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.
SEK 181/cl

The Dalmore 18 Years
Distilled in the Northern Highlands of Scotland
Wonderful vanilla, dark chocolate, oranges with a taste of cinnamon: full-bodied whisky. There is a hint of the taste of candied fruit, such as red apples and citrus. Dark chocolate, freshly-brewed coffee, nutmeg and clover
SEK 138/cl

The Dalmore 12 Years
Distilled in the Northern Highlands of Scotland
An aroma full of citrus fruits, chocolate and aromatic spices. Taste: we find citrus once again, but more intensive than in the aroma. The taste of run-ripened oranges, dried fruit, Oloroso sherry and tones of vanilla are brought forth.
SEK 32/cl


Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23Y
The world’s finest Bourbon is produced at the Buffalo Trace-owned distillery. The Pappy distillery is one of the USA’s prize-winning, which as survived many disasters and tragedies, fires, floods, storms and hurricanes since the first bottles were produced here in 1787.
SEK 365/cl

Buffalo Trace
Big, fruity aroma with the clear character of caramelised oak casks, vanilla, violet, dried fruit and toffee. Rich-tasting, full-bodied and a little warming. Long, smooth aftertaste.
SEK 26/cl

Sazerac 6 Y
Big, complex aroma. A hint of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and pepper. Rich-tasting and warming. With a smooth aftertaste. Small batch Bourbon.
SEK 34/cl

Eagle Rare
Bourbon, high end whiskey with taste of leather, oak, fruit, salted toffee, herbs and honey.
SEK 32/cl

Old Rip van Winkle 10Y
Soft, with a scent of vanilla, caramel, pecan nuts and oak. A soft, full-bodied taste of robust wheat, cherries and the cask. The finish is long, smoky, with a hint of fruit, spices and tannins.
SEK 102/cl

Old Rip van Winkle 12Y
Lovely complex taste of caramel, nuts and spices. Round barrel.
SEK 132/cl

Jack Daniels
Rich-tasting, spicy whiskey with the character of caramelised casks, a hint of dried apricots nuts, toffee, oranges and vanilla.
SEK 44/cl

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey
Very sweet, spicy taste with a hint of honey, cinnamon, sultana raisins, nuts and orange marmalade.
SEK 42/cl

Jack Daniels Single Barrel
Each and every bottle is poured from just one oak cask. Smoky.
SEK 46/cl


Braastad Creme Liquer au Cognac
Cognac-based cream liqueur
SEK 19/cl

Bailey’s Irish Cream
Creamy, very sweet taste with a hint of toffee, vanilla, milk chocolate and apricot.
Tones of whiskey.
SEK 18/cl

Spicy, very sweet, viscous taste with a hint of heather honey, apricots, candy sugars and herbs. Tones of whisky.
SEK 24/cl

Sweet taste with the distinctive character of oranges and lemon peel.
SEK 23/cl

Licor 43
Slightly spicy, very sweet, viscous taste with clear character of vanilla, a hint of tropical fruit
SEK 24/cl



Antica Sambuca Classic
Full-bodied, warming aniseed flavour with intensive, long aftertaste.
SEK 19/cl

Classic French aniseed aperitif with fennel aroma, good complexity and a little sweetness.
SEK 22/cl


Lysholm Line Akvavit
Mild, spicy taste with clear tones of caraway seed and sherry casks.
SEK 19/cl

Aalborg Jubileum
Mild, rounded spiciness with a hint of dill and coriander, a little pleasant sweetness
SEK 19/cl

Aalborg Taffel
Caraway seed aroma with a hint of citrus tones. Warming, with strong tones of caraway seed and remote echo of dill, oranges and a drop of sweetness
SEK 22/cl

Aalborg Nordguld
Aromatic with a hint of fennel, caraway seed and dill. Rounded taste with a hint of liquorice, resin, citrus and a touch of sweetness.
SEK 22/cl

Skåne Akvavit
Clean, spicy taste with a hint of caraway seed, aniseed and fennel.
SEK 22/cl

Bügelhof Schnaps
Our own Schnaps made under licence comes in three different flavours.
Obstler (fruit from the garden, usually apples)
Williams (spirit made from pears)
Marillen (sprit made from apricots)
Warming character. Excellent for the digestion.
SEK 32/cl


29 different herbs to give a distinctive spicy taste
SEK 18/cl

Gammeldansk Halvbitter
With added honey and liquorice
SEK 18/cl

Fernet Gancia
27 plants and herbs. Intensive & aromatic. Complex, balanced and well-structured on the palate.
SEK 26/cl

Amaro di Angostura
Deep amber-colour with a bouquet of cinnamon, dark chocolate and clear Angostura bitters. Taste explodes on the tongue, with a hint of cinnamon, herbs and liquorice.
SEK 22/cl

Bittersweet taste, with a hint of wormwood and gentian root
SEK 18/cl

Consists of a number of herbs, fruits and spices.
SEK 18/cl

Very sweet, bitter taste with a hint of coffee, liquorice, wormwood and syrup. Big, spicy bouquet with a hint of wormwood, coffee and liquorice.
SEK 20/cl

Gotlands bittar
Produced in Sweden
Very spicy taste with a hint of wormwood, liquorice root, peppermint, ginger, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon.
SEK 24/cl


Braastad XO
Complex, full-bodied taste with a harmonious cask character. Long aftertaste with tones of chocolate and vanilla.
SEK 34/cl

Braastad VSOP
Elegant aroma with flowery character, aftertaste is rounded with a spices and caramel.
SEK 28/cl

Braastad XO Superior
Flowery and elegant style. Distinct bouquet of dried fruit with tones of jasmine and vanilla. A velvety Cognac with long aftertaste.
SEK 58/cl

Braastad 1919Celebration
Produced in France, Cognac
Complex, grape taste with clear cask character, a hint of dried figs, chocolate, Seville orange, tobacco, spices and hazel nuts.
SEK 96/cl

Martell Cordon Bleu
Produced in France, Cognac
Unusually soft and rounded with rich fruit and oak aromas, with a delicate aftertaste due to long maturing.
SEK 58/cl

Martell VSOP Red Barrel
Produced in France, Cognac
A clear taste of yellow plums, apricot, honey, peaches and rounded tones of sweet spices.
SEK 58/cl

Hine Rare VSOP
Produced in France, Cognac, Fine Champagne
Nuanced, grape taste with cask character, a hint of raisins, oranges, almond paste, honey, herbs and vanilla.
SEK 48/cl

Hine Antique XOPremier Cru
Produced in France, Cognac, Grande Champagne. Bouquet and taste of vanilla, honey, baked apple, spices with a hint of leather and liquorice.
SEK 128/cl

Soberano Gran Reserva 12 (BRANDY)
Produced in Spain. Spicy, nuanced taste with clear cask character, a hint of dried fruit, chocolate, hazel nuts, brown sugar and oranges.
SEK 22/cl


Gosling’s Family Reserve.
The bouquet is complex, full-bodied and intensive with wonderful blend of arak, dried fruit, coke, banana and vanilla. Harmonious and rich-tasting
SEK 36/cl

Conde De Cuba 5 years
A hint of oranges, petals and smoky oak.
SEK 19/cl

Conde De Cuba Elixir
Local fruits with sweet tones of cane sugar.
SEK 22/cl

Conde De Cuba 7 years
Balanced bouquet of intensive and of unforgettable vanilla rum.
SEK 26/cl

Conde De Cuba 11 years
Thick and rich caramel tones and sweet fruits. Orange segments and dried cherries.
SEK 34/cl

Conde De Cuba Media Luna 15 years
Rounded tones of dark chocolate, caramel and coffee.
SEK 44/cl

Angostura 1919
Big fruity bouquet with clear cask character, a hint of fruit, vanilla fudge, almond paste and arak.
SEK 32/cl

Angostura 7 YO.
Big, nuanced bouquet with cask character, a hint of arak, banana, dark chocolate & vanilla.
SEK 34/cl

Angostura 1824 12 YO
A fine draught of vanilla, nuts, and dried fruit! The taste goes hand in hand with the aroma.
SEK 44/cl

Angostura 1787 15 YO
Sweet bouquet of banana, dried fruit and oak with notes of apples. A hint of dried plums and sweet rounded oak cask in the taste, with interwoven nuances of fudge.
SEK 54/cl

Angostura Cask Collection 3rd edition
Nutty aroma, but with perhaps a discreet underlay of exotic fruit.
SEK 58/cl

Ron Barcelo Imperial Premium Blend 30 Aniversario
With tones of good butter, caramel, vanilla and wood, all of which come to continue in the long, stimulating aftertaste. Dark caramel, vanilla and hardwood on the nose.
SEK 82/cl

Barceló Imperial Onyx
Produced in the Dominican Republic
Spicy, nuanced taste with cask character, a hint of dried apricots, marzipan, orange peel, dates, vanilla and straw.
SEK 38/cl

Ron Barceló Imperial
Produced in the Dominican Republic
A fine draught of vanilla, nuts, and dried fruit! The taste goes hand in hand with the aroma.
SEK 32/cl

Barceló Gran Añejo
Produced in the Dominican Republic
Spicy taste with cask character, a hint of Seville orange, brown sugar, dried fruit, nuts and cinnamon.
SEK 28/cl

Origenes Reserva
Has a lively, fruity sweetness – outlined by vanilla and caramel.
SEK 48/cl

Chairman’s Reserve The Forgotten Casks
Fine aroma and taste of vanilla, nuts, fruit and spices. With a hint of cask.
SEK 38/cl

Ron Esclavo Solera XO Cask
Produced in the Dominican Republic
Nuanced taste with significant cask character, a hint of brown sugar, vanilla, nougat, dried fruit, arak and almonds.
SEK 54/cl

Brugal1888 Gran Reserva Familiar
Produced in the Dominican Republic
Rounded tones of dark chocolate, caramel and coffee.
SEK 42/cl

Ron Roble Viejo Ultra Añejo
Lively taste from a draught of tangy berries, with just enough of the sweetness of caramel. Soft, smooth finish, which lands on tones of vanilla and cask.
SEK 42/cl


Boulard VSOP
A fine, soft calva, but with clear fruit character of mature apples.
SEK 32/cl

Boulard XO
Calvados XO, composed of 7 to 20-year old calvados. Clear, nuanced colour with taste of mature apples and roasted almonds, long aftertaste.
SEK 36/cl

Boulard Calvados Grand Solage
Produced in France, Normandie, Calvados, Calvados du Pays d'Auge
Nuanced taste with cask character, a hint of red apples, toffee, oranges, vanilla, cinnamon and hazel nuts.
SEK 28/cl


Grappa Chardonnay:
Pleasant, generous, delicate notes, typical of the grape, raspberries, plums, apricot and a hint of hazel nuts and acacia honey. Harmonious, velvety, elegant, fruity, flowery with long aftertaste of bread crusts and honey.
SEK 34/cl

Grappa Globe Riserva:
Intensive, complex with a hint of spices, saffron, brioche bread.
Aromatic, soft, elegant, warm, drawn out with flowery, fruity tones of roasted hazel nuts, cocoa, coffee.
SEK 38/cl